Sea Prayer (2022)

☆ Sea Prayer ✓ Khaled Hosseini - Sea Prayer, Sea Prayer A short powerful illustrated book written by Khaled Hosseini in response to the current refugee crisis Sea Prayer is composed in the form of a letter from a father to his son on the eve of ☆ Sea Prayer ✓ Khaled Hosseini - Sea Prayer, Sea Prayer A short powerful illustrated book written by Khaled Hosseini in response to the current refugee crisis Sea Prayer is composed in the form of a letter from a father to his son on the eve of
  • Title: Sea Prayer
  • Author: Khaled Hosseini
  • ISBN: 079776027402649387164223871642215318548423871642220038716422052553909313978052553909418201838716422387164221531854842387164223871642233871642288271395907364231753438716422338716422
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  • Format: Kindle Edition
Sea Prayer
☆ Sea Prayer ✓ Khaled Hosseini, Sea Prayer, Khaled Hosseini, Sea Prayer A short powerful illustrated book written by Khaled Hosseini in response to the current refugee crisis Sea Prayer is composed in the form of a letter from a father to his son on the eve of their journey Watching over his sleeping son the father reflects on the dangerous sea crossing that lies before them It is also a vivid portrait of their life in Homs Syria bef A short

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  • ☆ Sea Prayer ✓ Khaled Hosseini
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Sea Prayer

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  1. Khaled Hosseini s Sea Prayer isn t a book it s a poem But it s than a poem it is, in essence, a letter written from father to son, a prayer lifted up on the eve of a journey away from their war torn country, a journey which could prove tremendously dangerous.In less than 50 pages, Hosseini s words and the beautiful illustrations break your heart This was inspired by the story of Alan Kurdi, a three year old Syrian boy believed to have drowned during his family s attempts to flee their c K [...]

  2. I m really not sure how to describe this book It s a letter from a father to his son, the night before they leave their war torn country for a safer place It s not great and the father is terrified because it involves a great deal of danger especially for the portion of the trip that s by boat You can feel his fear and at the same time his knowledge that there s no real good choice Leaving is dangerous and there s a very real chance that one or all of them will die But staying isn t a goo I m re [...]

  3. Wave after waveFrom calm seas of memories to the over powering turbulence of the present, Khaled Hosseini presents a story drifting from father to son in the form of a tragic letter From the shores of chaos come words that touch the lips and soften the heart in slow steady beats What was is no longer and what will be is only for fate to decide.Hosseini s father figure grasps the small hand of his son and tries to paint within him a canvas of what life was like in his grandfather s house Wave aft [...]

  4. This is a very short book a picture book, really but because of the subject matter, it feels almost heavy in my hands right now My eyes also understand that this is no bedtime story It isn t the most original piece ever written, but do we really need originality when we re talking about war, chaos and death, or do we need affective Emotional Realistic Vivid A piece that we understand and that gently awakens our ability to show compassion.I am slightly ashamed to say that the only other This is a [...]

  5. I read this short offering by Hosseini, an author I very much admire, in a matter of minutes In the title is the word prayer, and it is a prayer to a child, a people, young people who will never know the country of their birth, Syria, without bombs, towns in ruins and starvation Not the vibrant place it had been A prayer to all people for compassion, understanding, for a little hope for the refugees fleeing for their life The illustrations are beautifully wrought, from color to black and whi I r [...]

  6. Sea Prayer is a beautifully illustrated short story very short , where a father reminisces with his sleeping son in his arms They are refugees waiting for the next stage of their journey The father recalls how he and his brothers enjoyed their summers at their grandfather s farm, knowing that his son won t be able to share this same experience They are fleeing from Syria, but, it could be any one of several countries.There are many reasons that people seek refuge in countries other than thei Sea [...]

  7. Original 3 stars I think I could read it while holding my breath WHAT IS THIS, A STORY FOR ANTS VERY, VERY, VERY SHORT And overpriced You can find it on Youtube I love you, KH, but why am I feeling scammed I will still buy your books tho But I will CHECK THE NUMBER OF PAGES EDIT 1, 2 stars It could have been so much , while still being a short thing not that short tho 2 stars for the message and for the theme and for the cute poem but otherwise it was a waste of mon Original 3 stars I think I co [...]

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