Half a Life (2022)

[PDF] Download à Half a Life : by V.S. Naipaul - Half a Life, Half a Life In a narrative that moves with dreamlike swiftness from India to England to Africa Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul has produced his finest novel to date a bleakly resonant study of the fraudulent bargain [PDF] Download à Half a Life : by V.S. Naipaul - Half a Life, Half a Life In a narrative that moves with dreamlike swiftness from India to England to Africa Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul has produced his finest novel to date a bleakly resonant study of the fraudulent bargain
  • Title: Half a Life
  • Author: V.S. Naipaul
  • ISBN: 9780375707285
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
Half a Life
[PDF] Download à Half a Life : by V.S. Naipaul, Half a Life, V.S. Naipaul, Half a Life In a narrative that moves with dreamlike swiftness from India to England to Africa Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul has produced his finest novel to date a bleakly resonant study of the fraudulent bargains that make up an identity The son of a Brahmin ascetic and his lower caste wife Willie Chandran grows up sensing the hollowness at the core of his father s self denial andIn a narrative

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  • [PDF] Download à Half a Life : by V.S. Naipaul
    100 V.S. Naipaul
Half a Life

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  1. It does what it does well and not much else Not a great way to explain it but if you read it you will understand We follow the exceptionally uneventful life of Willie as he tries to discover himself and find a path to walk down I found him to be spineless and became quite bored watching him float through life being led by his lust most of the time like so many male characters in so many other better written books But then, the language reflects his life, nothing much exciting going on Having at [...]

  2. Quite unremarkable I haven t read anything else by Naipaul, and I probably won t I know I shouldn t generalize from reading one book, but I do anyway Methinks Naipaul is another mediocre Nobel laureate Jelinek and Mahfouz are the other examples that come immediately to my mind The protagonist is insufferably unlikable, boring, and passive At least Jelinek has a sick imagination and manages to make you hate her monstrous characters As for the writing honestly, I think you ll find better examples [...]

  3. This is an unusual novel There s no actual plot instead, the story follows a man through his restless, aimless life I know this doesn t sound very compelling, but it is his desire for to figure out where he belongs and what he should be doing to create meaning in his life is crushing SPOILER The structure cleverly echoes this vacancy After following the character closely for 120 pages, you suddenly encounter this terrifying line He stayed for eighteen years And then the narrative picks up at th [...]

  4. Half a Life, published a decade ago, is another one of Naipaul s spare, brooding tales that focuses on the lack of identity cultural identity, really that characterizes modern life The novel begins with a kind of joke Willie Chandran was so named for W Somerset Maughm who once met Willie s confused father, a silent holy man in India This brought Willie no luck, however Maughm wrote about the father, but he never expressed interest in helping Willie, not even when Willie showed up in London.The L [...]

  5. Quantos de n s sentem que viveram uma vida pela metade Ser o muitos os que olham para tr s e sentem que os melhores anos das suas vidas foram desperdi ados a viver as vidas de outras pessoas, sem terem a coragem de dar o salto de f que lhes daria um leque de novas e infinitas possibilidades Este o subtexto desta historia desconcertante pai e filho em permanente conflito com o que os rodeia e com as tradi es que espartilham os seus sonhos, numa luta interior constante para conseguir viver as suas [...]

  6. Sadly I wasn t impressed Well I don t really say Meh but it is fitting so it will be used here Meh This is the last book to complete my reading challenge for 2014 and I had hoped to finish out with a bang of a book This is not it I picked it because I was curious and I also thought it might be a quick read Quick, yes Curious I was at first I was flying through Have you ever read that book that is a page turner until maybe the halfway point and then it takes a turn for the worst For me this was i [...]

  7. I know VS Naipaul is one of the most highly regarded authors of the 20th century and that he won a Nobel Prize for literature I had read his book, A Bend in the River , also about Colonial Africa and found it extraordinary and memorable This one even so.This is a deeply affecting, fictional apparently semi autobiographical narrative about an Indian man who cannot find himself Having been raised in the conflicted world of a hindu father who intentionally wed a very very low caste woman, just to [...]

  8. When NY Times reviewer John Chamberlain panned Green Hills of Africa he noted the dialogue, so poetically functional in Hemingway s other major works, was simplified almost to a style of self parody Instead of being employed as a tool to develop the international cast of characters, everyone from an illiterate local gun bearers to a cosmopolitan German fanboy talks like an imitation of the hero from A Farewell to Arms Half a Life, is similarly pared away You have the features of a V.S Naipaul bo [...]

  9. I read this novel as the search for and acceptance of the essence of one s true identity This is a quest upon which Naipaul himself, no doubt, embarked, after his birth in Trinidad, education in England at Oxford, and life in Africa The challenge of his protagonist is, having been born a backwards , to understand and accept his real essence as a human being He tends to approach this existential task by entangling himself in the lives of other people only to find that their lives bring him no clo [...]

  10. Well, wow There are ways stories can be told, and there are ways they can be crafted, and there are ways they can be read Naipaul makes each one of these processes seem so easy.Half a Life is a strange book, and its undercurrents are its story Naipaul gives us a story of a man who lets his life lead him across three continents and 40 years before realizing he hasn t really lived the life he wants to live in effect, he has lived half a life.There is this quality to Naipaulian prose reading his wo [...]

  11. About 50 pages into this one, I realized I didn t really like it much Hoping it would get better after all, it did win a Nobel for literature , I forced myself to plow on Sadly, it was all but impossible for me to enjoy the story of this insufferably spineless protagonist and his exceptionally uneventful life.

  12. naipaul is BRUTUAL many people are critical of his unsympathetic and even accusatory attitude towards citizens of undeveloped countries but he s got something valid to say and it s worth hearing this semi autobiographical work explains how one can be both vulnerable and responsible in other words, power is not only to be claimed by the wealthy it s up for grabs.

  13. What strange, unrelatable story I enjoyed most other characters except the main one I didn t get what it was about Life It did make me wonder what it was about, so that s goodright Reading other reviews here makes me feel a little better about myself, I m not that dumb Apparently there s a sequel I don t want to know Oh, and the writing It s very, very, blunt Feels unemotional and distant It doesn t flow Naipaul can be writing about person A on a Monday, switch to person B for about ten sentence [...]

  14. In this book, Naipaul displays his talent for portraying genuine characters and getting us to sincerely sympathize with them, and thus suffer with them as a consequence of their weakness The sickness of family, social, national, ethnic, and cultural relationships are all on display, and no one is spared from the low simmering misery and spiritual oppression that appears to be the universal human condition, at least as perceived from the subjective view of the protagonist But he wouldn t put it t [...]

  15. Contrary to all that hype about how amazing the book was, I found it okay It is a story about an Indian man whose father marries a low caste woman and as a result is ostracized from the society As the father tells the story about how he married a low caste woman as a sign of sacrifice, young Willie, the son listens to him with great distaste and gradually begins to hate him As the story unfolds, Naipaul tells us how Willie goes to England and later at Africa The story progresses fast and is exci [...]

  16. bookcrossing journal 7A title recommended and passed on to me by my daughter recently I read it in one afternoon session sitting in the shade in the garden As a little boy Willie Chandran wanted to know why his middle name was Somerset His father explains that it was after the famous British writer Somerset Maugham Willie of course wants to know why This is the story that his father gradually tells him, of a son whom possibly should never have been born, while he is growing up and Willie is comi [...]

  17. This didn t make much of an impression on me I expected The most compelling bit is the story of Willie s father, not so much of Willie himself Willie s father is a man who goes along with the flow of things because he is remarkably mediocre, below average perhaps Trying to break the tedium and prove himself worthy, he makes a noble decision to marry outside his caste, a decision which turns out to be all talk and no substance because he isn t able to, nor does he genuinely try to, rid himself o [...]

  18. 3 Naipaul kirjoittaa lempe sti omassa el m ss n eksyneen intialaismiehen tarinan William seuraa sivusta ja tekee sopeutumisesta taiteenlajin Silti h nt vainoaa ajatus, ett h n haaskaa el m ns , ettei h n tule siksi joksi h nen pit isi tulla, mit se sitten onkaan Nopealukuinen romaani kerii l pi Williamin el m lapsuuden Intiasta opiskelijaksi Englantiin, sielt naisen per ss Afrikkaan ja lopulta varhaiskeski i n kriisiss sisaren luo Saksaan William itse on melko hajuton ja mauton p henkil , mutta [...]

  19. Sometime in the late 90s Sir Vidia declared that the novel as we know it is dead It has been supplanted by other forms of entertainment And soon after he comes out with Half a Life As someone who has admired his works I was swept by the grace and simple beauty of A House for Mr Biswas I was overwhelmed by the journey that I undertook with him in Among the believer and Beyond Belief The Indian trilogy has shocked and enlightened me in equal measure I did provide me with an alternative way of view [...]

  20. This is the first novel by Naipaul that I have ever read In fact, I don t remember having heard of him before my book club chose this book The first part of the book left me a bit cold and bored, but suddenly something clicked and I realized it was really a very passionate and even funny novel Everyone in this novel is pretending to be something they are not There is a lot about being a stranger in a strange land Naipaul really captures how it feels to be an expat and the way living in another c [...]

  21. Coperta a patra ne ademene te Jum tate de via de V.S Naipaul spune povestea captivant a lui Willie Chandran i ne sim im obliga i s subliniem c aceast apreciere este o gogoa sfruntat Povestea jum t ii de via a lui Willie William Somerset Chandran este exact opusul captivantului, i dac am putea n elege ironia autorului i nevoia lui de a i ndrepta aten ia i scrisul c tre un personaj cu totul neinteresant, brod nd 250 de pagini despre jum tatea lui de via neinteresant , ne a tept m n schimb ca preze [...]

  22. En una ciudad India de mediados del siglo XX, Willie, hijo de un brahm n que decidi renunciar a su jerarqu a social en pos de un extra o sacrificio al casarse con una mujer de la casta m s baja, sabe que en su tierra no le espera ning n futuro, por lo que convence a su padre a quien desprecia profundamente por obsequiarle semejante herencia de enviarlo a Inglaterra, donde estudiar becado para obtener un t tulo de maestro se ser el principio de una reestructuraci n de su identidad y una revisi n [...]

  23. It is awfully frustrating to reach the end of a well written and engaging tale, only to discover that it is in fact the back story to another book How much frustrating it must have been to read this lovely book in 2001, before the sequel was written You see, the story ends unresolved the protagonist has learned so much about the world and his place in it, all of what we thought has been duly shaken but suddenly the screen goes dark and one is left positively clamouring for For time with Willi [...]

  24. I came across this book when I was looking at the OTHER Half a Life, and I had heard of V.S Naipaul but never read any of his work so picked this one up.It may have helped me if I d read his earlier stuff to understand this story completely The main character, Willie Somerset Chandran, is born in the 1930s of a marriage between a Brahmin father and Untouchable mother From the beginning of his life, he felt he did not belong Cue Cher s Half Breed here Kidding He heads to London for college studie [...]

  25. This book didn t impress me that much.The first bit is quite interesting because it shows the mediocrity of a life lead by events rather than by the character s own drive and this is Will s father part of the story When he was at University he decided to stand out, abandon his privileged community and follow the lead of Indian personalities such as Gandhi, but he does not have the right temper and this attempt results in a failure.He burns all his English textbooks in the University s yard, and [...]

  26. It is telling that I forgot the name of the main character as I am writing this review He is less important, I think, than the scenes he sets as we travel with him from child to adult and across three continents While it is largely a coming of age story, the emphasis is on his sexual awakening, which doesn t occur until halfway through the book or The real story though, is about systems of racial categorization and subjugation The caste system of the protagonists birth country is ever present i [...]

  27. Half a life is an uncomfortable read There are moments of genuine insight such as when Naipaul s protagonist states that not all person are born with sexual impulses and no one teaches us the art of flirting Well, I too belong to this unhappy breed who isn t skilled in the art of flirting There is another scene in which Willie s protagonist wife asks him about the rumor she had heard about him and an another women To which Willie replies that his wife wouldn t understand until she see them he an [...]

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