Welcome to Surgical-Mask.org

01. About Our Online Pharmacy

From the places we live, the roads we travel, to the air we breathe, you’re never more than 10 ft from getting the best quality products.

Our team of marketers, scientists and researchers work directly with customers to improve homes, businesses and lives across Canada, USA, North American, and the World at Large.

We are sourcing and engaged in the distribution of premium quality healthcare-products both at home and abroad. We delight ourselves in an Efficient, Reliable and Prompt export and delivery services to all Buyers, exporters, intermediaries. Our greatest dream is to expand our market worldwide and because of that, we have reps work day in & night in order to provide our clients with the best which is our number one priority.
Buyers–Exporters–Intermediaries; We welcome you all & We are at Your Service!


02. What We Stand For

We believe that what the company stands for is just as important as what we sell. For decades, we have operated with uncompromising honesty and integrity. From the way we run our business, to how we expect our employees to act, to the value we place on our shareholders, we’ve earned our reputation for doing business the right way.

Did you know?
• 55,000 products sold globally
• 89,800 global employees
• $73.5 million in annual cash and product donations
• $31.8 billion in global sales
Our commitment to sustainability
From solar panels to cleaner air, we’re investing in our communities and applying research and experience to innovative, sustainable solutions for everyone.
A brighter future. Within reach.
Our commitment for a more sustainable future includes a dedicated focus to research and experience to circular, climate and our communities.


03. Confidentiality And Non Disclosure

Our firm has furnished some confidential information to a potential business customer for the purpose of exploring a business relationship. This information includes, but is not limited to private information, business contracts, the content of risk-mitigating documents, the details of assignments under consideration, the strategic information of customers. The Customer’s information is provided to the customer and the business relationship is not included. Customer agrees that the terms and conditions of the agreement are not applicable. Details of the information may be used for compensation. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without the written consent of the sender. This Agreement will not prevent Salma Global Inc. from releasing the information to any party to a subpoena, search warrant, or other legal processes, or if otherwise compelled to by law or regulatory authority. If you have any questions, please

contact us and we will be able to provide further clarification.